Summer is almost here!  If you are like us and can’t wait to break out your swimsuits below are some great water activities you can practice in the bathtub with your little swimmers. First, fill your bathtub with warm water and bust out those suits!  The goal is to get the kiddos excited about the upcoming swim season and review pool rules.  Remember, you never want to leave a child unattended, even in the bathtub!

Here are 4 things you can practice in the bathtub before you jump into the pool this summer —

  1. Prep for belly floating. Lay your little on the their tummy with their arms in a push up position. Encourage them to balance their lower body on on top of the water.  Next, have them place their faces in the water and practice “talking to the fish” [ie. blowing bubbles].
  2. Get comfortable in the back float position. Now ask your little swimmer to lie on their back. Next, instruct them to look up at the ceiling and extend their head back to the point their ears are submerged.  The goal is to have them comfortable enough to use their natural buoyancy to balance on top of the water.  Want more of a challenge?  While on their back have them place their hands down in the bathtub and encourage them to lift their lower body off the bathtub floor. Remember, keep those eyes up!
  3. Underwater time. Next,  put goggles on your kiddos and have them retrieve their favorite toys from under the water!  Encourage them to independently submerge their mouth, nose and eyes.  Have a swimmer that doesn’t like getting their face wet?!  Try pouring water over their head or gently squeezing a cloth over them. Challenge: Have them retrieve multiple toys while holding their breath.
  4. Splash time. Encourage your little swimmer to kick the water!  Beware this may cause a little mess [ok, maybe not so little]!  Flutter kick consists of simultaneously alternating your legs. No crazy legs!  Your swimmer’s legs should be fairly straight with a slight bend at the knees.

We hope you have enjoyed theses tips! Contact us today and schedule your swim lessons this summer and get out of the tub!