urSwim F.A.Q.s

Looking for answers? Here are some of the common questions we received.

Teaching children how to swim helps protect them from potentially dangerous accidents and opens up a lifetime of enjoyment in the water. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and it is rather fun if we say so ourselves.   urSwim is dedicated to making all swimmers feel safe and comfortable in the water.
A swimpack consists of FIVE swimming lessons in the convenience of your location.  They can be purchased as private, semi-private or group lessons.  Private swimpacks consist of 30-minute lessons.  Semi-private and group swimpacks come in both 30-minute and 45-minute lesson options.   Click on Tuition for information about pricing and promotions.
Just a swimsuit, towel and smile!  Instructors come with all the necessary materials to conduct our swim program with the exception of goggles.  Because of germ concerns, urSwim does not share goggles among swimmers.  If you are unsure whether your swimmer should use goggles, your instructor and our staff would be happy to make recommendations.


All our instructors are American Red Cross Lifeguards and certified in CPR and First Aid.  They also have a minimum of 3 years teaching and/or swim experience. Safety is always our #1 priority! Parents, want to be American Red Cross CPR & First Aid certified? urSwim can help!
No worries!  On their first lesson we evaluate every child on their swimming ability by testing water skills from each level. Once evaluated, we will place the swimmer in the appropriate level. If you are unsure of swimming ability please leave the anticipated swimming level area blank on the interest form.
Under certain conditions such as illness, inclement weather, and under circumstances where there is significant time to reschedule the lesson.   For more information, see Cancellation Policy or contact our office.


Registration can be done right here online or by giving us a call. After submitting an interest form you’ll be contacted within 48 hours to complete the registration process. This includes discussion of fun stuff like start dates, class scheduling, instructors, policies of urSwim, and any and all other questions you may have.
At urSwim we try to offer our swim’rents lots of flexibility.  Typically, most parents chose to have their swim lesson(s) weekly or bi-weekly for approximately 10-weeks.  Need a refresher?  Or vacationing out East?   Let us visit you in whatever way is most convenient!  Our instructors can make daily visits for one week or provide you weekly lessons for 15 weeks.  It’s totally up to you! We are here to  fit swimming in your schedule.
Absolutely!  urSwim provides swim instructors who have the knowledge to provide adult swimmers with techniques that increase skill and endurance.  Swimming is a great form of exercise and integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adults of all skill levels are welcome to contact us for more information about swim instruction.  We highly recommend that fearful parents learn to swim and be safe around the pool, especially if they have little ones.   It’s never too late to learn!
Yes ma’am/sir we are!
This is handled on case-by-case basis. It depends on the degree of skill of each swimmer.  Pairing swimmers with different levels of experience can negatively impact the growth potential of both swimmers.  It is best to group swimmers by age and swim ability to get the most effective swim lesson.
Swim lessons will continue as scheduled as long as it puts no one at risk. Scenarios wherein lessons will be cancelled include: thunderstorms,  lightning, hurricane, tornado, or imminent meteor impact (whether Bruce Willis is currently on it setting explosives or not) etc. Other than that we love to get in the pool and swim.  A little drizzle never hurt anyone. You’re going to get wet anyway, right?
urSwim swims from May to September.  We do have instructors available during the cooler months for clients that have access to indoor pool locations.  Occasionally,  urSwim offers group lessons during the cooler months at various private indoor locations. If you are interested, please make sure you are on our mailing list to see where we are swimming!
urSwim is founded on the principle that swimming instruction is best taught in a familiar environment. Our goal is to provide swimmers and parents with an easy and safe way to learn how to swim in the most accessible of locations: your own backyard. However if you have another location (such as a community pool, club pool, grandmother or neighbor’s pool…etc.) we will be happy to provide lessons there. For those of you that might not have access to a pool, urSwim is developing programs for on-site swim camps. Join our mailing list for further updates!
Yes!  Muscle memory is an amazing thing.  We don’t ride bikes year round yet we and our little ones remember how to effectively ride one. Many of our urSwimmers only swim with urSwim and have successfully mastered how to be safe in the water and swim all strokes.  If your child has a special love for swim — let your instructor know as we can recommend competitive swim teams and programs that are conducted throughout the colder months.  However, rest assured for most swimmers seasonal swimming is more than enough to keep them safe in the pool! And seriously, who wants to get out of the pool in the winter snow anyway….
Yes, our swimmers are given one instructor for the duration of their lessons and can request that same instructor for a subsequent swimpacks. During instances where instructors are ill or have an excusable absence a replacement instructor may be provided for that particular lesson.
Yes!  We will make every effort to try to accommodate the requests of all our swimmers. Every summer we maintain an elite staff of instructors that demonstrate exceptional teaching experience and skill.


This is handled on a case-by-case base. Our instructors will evaluate the situation and make their recommendation. All recommendations are made in order to provide the best possible swim instruction for your child.

You’re ONE SWIM away from an amazing time!!