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The urSwim Way

We understand that swimming can be stressful and scary for swimmers of all ages. We also understand that fearless swimmers can be stressful and scary for our parents. Swimming is not one-size fits all. We tailor our uniformed swim program to meet the needs of our individual swimmer to ensure that they maximize their growth in the water. We also serve a wide variety of swimmers including those with special needs and challenges.

Little Swimmers

Baby and Me

Have some fun with your baby in the water! Our swim Gurus focus on getting you and your baby comfortable in the water. Our primary goal is water safety skills including an introduction to floating, submersion, bubbles, and water play.


This is for children who have had limited experience in the water. When you’re an Anchovy our focus is teaching water safety. Anchovies learn how to place their face in the water, do supported front and back floats, and how to enter the water independently. Anchovies are also introduced to the flutter kick and front crawl arms.

Sea Turtles

This level is for children who have had some experience in the water. Sea Turtles are instructed in front crawl coordination, unsupported front and back float, unsupported front and back glide, underwater swimming, an introduction to back crawl arm movements, and deep water swimming.


Our instructors focus on refining skills taught at the Sea Turtle level. Sting Rays are instructed in front and back crawl endurance (1 pool-length), breaststroke kick, elementary backstroke, treading, retrieving objects in shallow water and an introduction to diving.


Skills learned at the Sting Ray level are refined. Dolphins practice endurance in front and back crawl (2-4 pool-lengths), standing dive, scissors and dolphin kick, treading water for extended period of time and introduction to breaststroke and butterfly stroke.


Our instructors refine skills learned at the Dolphin level. Sharks practice increasing their endurance in front and back crawl (4-8 lengths of pool). Swimmers learn sidestroke and are introduced to butterfly coordination, surface dives, and flip turns.

Why we are awesome?

Our Story

urSwim is a group of awesome swim instructors, scheduling extraordinaires and water safety advocates who love teaching children and adults to love and respect the water.

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Our Values

We are a tiny fish navigating a great big ocean and we love it this way. We are completely independent and bootstrapped, and don’t owe anything to anyone beyond our amazing customers.

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