Deliver superior customer service.

From your first encounter with a urSwim customer service representative to mastering the front crawl, our goal is to leave you with all smiles. And if for whatever reason we do not deliver rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make it right.

SAFETY is always our #1 priority.

Unlike other swim schools which business models perpetuate year-round swim programs….urSwim’s #1 priority is SAFETY. We want to create safe swimmers as soon as possible and aim to teach the most effective ways to keep your swimmers safe and comfortable in your pool.

Innovate and create a learning environment that is fun and encouraging while respecting individual boundaries.

We understand that swimming can be stressful and scary for some swimmers. We also understand that our fearless swimmers can be stressful and scary for our parents. Swimming is not one-size fits all. We tailor our uniformed swim program to meet the needs of our individual swimmer to ensure that they maximize their growth in the water.

Build a positive team of employees and family culture.

We LOVE our staff to pieces. We love giving them high fives, raises, training and bonuses every season. No…seriously we do. We have come to learn that if it’s best for our staff, it’s best for our customers.

Do more with less.

We are a tiny fish navigating a great big ocean. And truthfully we love it this way. We are completely independent and bootstrapped, meaning we have no outside investors, and don’t owe anything to anyone beyond our amazing customers. We want to grow slow and maintain an awesome and authentic company and brand.

At urSwim, we aim to provide the best services to our amazing clients!