6 Splashy DIY Underwater Costumes for Halloween

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Can you believe Halloween is right around the corner!  It has everyone in the urSwim office chatting about the best DIY halloween costumes we've seen floating  [aren’t we clever]  the internet.  Below are our top [...]

Dry Drowning and Secondary Drowning: Most Common Questions Answered

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Dry and secondary drownings circulate around social media and news outlets in the summer. Here are the most common questions and answers regarding these conditions: Is dry drowning the same as secondary drowning? No, it is [...]

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Top 10 Cutest Summer Adult Pool Floats (and where to find them)

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  Attention urSwim mamas and dads! We know you love watching your little swimmers in the pool during their swim lessons but we want you to relax too! Our staff has been gathering the cutest summer [...]

What does SPF stand for? A Few Facts About Sunscreen

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All year round, the sun projects harmful UVA and UVB rays that can lead to future health issues for your family if not taken seriously. During the summer months, these rays become stronger and can [...]