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Private Event Lifeguards

Hire Professional Lifeguards for Memorable Private Events

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Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind with urSwim's Private Event Lifeguards

Planning a poolside party or a summer event? urSwim has you covered! Our Private Event Lifeguards program offers certified and experienced lifeguards for hire.

Flexible Scheduling

Our Private Event Lifeguard service is available for both one-time events and multiple events. Are you looking for lifeguards for your commercial or community pool? Find more information about our pool management services here.

CPR and First Aid

Our team of highly trained instructors possesses the expertise to work with swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Customized Service

Whether you have kids of varying ages or adults seeking to enhance their swimming skills, our plan is tailored to accommodate the unique needs of each family member.

Poolside Confidence

We provide a safe and closely supervised environment for your family to learn and enjoy the water.

Why Choose urSwim Lifeguards?

At urSwim, we understand the importance of ensuring a secure and enjoyable swimming environment for your guests. That's why we offer professional lifeguard services, staffed by our team of highly trained and experienced experts.

Contact us today to book a lifeguard for your upcoming gathering and ensure a worry-free, fun-filled experience for your guests.

Book a Private Event Lifeguard in your area!

When planning a poolside event, safety should be your top priority.

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